Inheritance planning/Probate matters

Assisting our clients with a considerate, economically reasonable inheritance planning is a core area of competency at our firm.

We assist with the drafting of wills/codicils and inheritance contracts, advise on the establishment of family or charitable trusts (Stiftungen) and matters of corporate succession planning. Taking heed of tax and corporate law requirements, we suggest appropriate mechanisms to implement your wishes for the planning of your estate. Notaries are authorized to certify inheritance agreements, including the waiver of rights to an inheritance or a compensation in lieu of an inheritance.

Our firm also regularly assists with applications for certificates of inheritance or the appointment of executors under the German and European Union frameworks. In probate matters we draft and notarize agreements to divvy up an estate among the heirs and to implement any legacies granted, assisting you and your successors in interest with an orderly transfer of the estate and any businesses therein contained.


We advise on the transfer of real estate, shares and other properties as a gift, and draft, in close cooperation with your tax advisers, any necessary agreements. Our teams are familiar with all aspects of a seamless implementation of your wishes.

Pre-Nuptial and Divorce Agreements

In the field of family law, our focus is on the notarization of pre-nuptial and divorce agreements. As public officers, impartiality is absolutely essential and assured. We strive to notarize agreements that avoid any subsequent disputes or uncertainties, working closely with your lawyers and tax advisers.