Our firm assist its clients in all matters under corporate and commercial law covering the entire life-span of a business, starting with the incorporation and continuing with financing rounds, share purchase agreements, IPOs and inheritance planning. We notarize shareholder meetings of private and public companies and provide expert advice on transformations, business-splits and the change of legal form.

As impartial advisers we draft the necessary documentation, certify signatures, notarize transactions and implement transactions by making the required filings with the commercial register. It is a high priority for us to work closely with your lawyers, tax advisers and financing partners.


We have considerable experience notarizing and consummating mergers and acquisitions in the private and public sectors. Maintaining the requisite momentum for such transactions, we appreciate that precision, pragmatism and the knowledge of applicable requirements under foreign law are key. Dealing with the specific needs of foreign parties and German regulators is a core area of expertise. Notarization and communication in English are seamless.


Our firm’s notaries are intimately familiar with the financing structures in the various stages of a company’s life including sector-specific requirements. We work closely with mutual funds, banks, private equity investors, venture capitalists and public law entities. Our firm has particular expertise handling the creation and release of security interests and shareholders’ agreements.


Restructuring is another core area of expertise at our firm. Banks and creditor committees appreciate our deep understanding of the law and efficient handling as do insolvency administrators, shareholders and the company’s management.

Acting as Trustee

A secure implementation of transactions and settlements is a particular area of expertise at our firm.

Ancillary to real estate, M&A, vessel purchase agreements as well as to refinancing or restructuring transactions and disputes (in and out of court) we ensure that the agreed payment flows occur as envisaged by holding the relevant funds and key documents on trust for our clients. We have long-established contacts with leading German banks and are familiar with related regulatory requirements.